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Pearl's new tenor

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  • Pearl's new tenor

    Has anyone to tried the new pearl tenors??

    Our band has 3... they are beautiful! You can see the woodgrain on the blue shell... really nice! Also, the bars going down the side make a really good handle to carry the drum once you are off competition or massed bands fields and/or in a hurry!

    This is a picture of the 16" drum. We also have a 14" and an 18".

    What do you think??
    Angela Young
    Kentucky United Pipes & Drums

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    Re: Pearl's new tenor

    Nice looking drum! I've seen them 'up close' at the world's this year. Top notch construction and finish. I wasn't really all that taken with their projection and timbre. Not to say they aren't good drums..Pearl makes a very high quality drum. With most new pipe band drums there is a period when the folks out in the trenches continue to experiment with muffling and head combinations to get the most out of them. I think next year, after a bit of tweaking, we'll see what they're capable of.
    Just my two cents.


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      Re: Pearl's new tenor

      I saw them last summer. They seemed really heavy (especially compared to the Hosbuilts we have).

      They look nice though.
      "I'm fixin to R-U-N-N-O-F-T"


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        Re: Pearl's new tenor

        They really are not that heavy, especially the 14 and 16, and Angela never complains about the 18s weight....we are going to do some experimenting with heads to see what works best on them but have really been pleased with the results we have gotten out of them this year...
        Rick Clayburn
        Kentucky United Pipes and Drums


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          Re: Pearl's new tenor

          Our band was one of the first in the US to get a set of these ( 1 -14" and 2 -16" just in time to take to the World's in 2003. We've been very happy with them.
          They are a slightly heavier than the older Premier 16" tenors we were using and also, mostly because of the rims, several inches taller. For drummers used to the almost non-existant rims on the older Premiers, the raised wooden rims take a little getting used to, but then so does the Hosbuilt model.
          I've found that they are a very well designed and crafted drum and they've very easy to tune, especially with the Aquarian heads we are now using.
          Sir James McDonald P/B
          Portland, Oregon