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Luke Allen, RIP

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    Re: Luke Allen, RIP

    Althogh anticipated, this was nonetheless sad news indeed. Luke could be, at once, the most frustrating and loveable guy you ever knew. With regard to his playing prowess, quite simply, there never was anyone comparable. He was the bedrock foundation of every band he played with, passionate about his and the bands performance and as Jimmy notes above that air of confidence that allowed him to wink across the circle to let you know all was going well and who had a better position in the circle than him to make that judgement!

    He will be missed and remembered by all who knew him

    Gerry Quigg


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      Re: Luke Allen, RIP

      In addition:
      Funeral Services
      11:00 Am
      Saturday,October 30th,2004
      TK Bernard Funeral Home
      3460 Dutch Village Rd.
      Halifax,Nova Scotia


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        Re: Luke Allen, RIP

        My father joins me in sending our condolences to Luke's family.

        I didn't really know Luke, but my father often talked about him and relayed stories about their years together in the pipe band circuit. He will certainly be a pipe band legend and many stories will include his name.


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          Re: Luke Allen, RIP

          I wish I'd met him.

          I can remember years ago listening to the 78th's concert on tape, and I finally got my hands on the CD yesterday.
          The reason I am posting this is that for me (as a bass/tenor/snare drummer) that CD was so inspiring that I chose to buy a 17 year old concert rather than any of the current CD's by a raft of Grade 1 bands, The World's, etc.

          The reason I bought that CD was because the bass section was ground-breaking and inspirational.
          I am deeply sorry to hear of Luke's passing, as he is someone I would dearly love to buy a beer for and say thanks for the music!
          Drummers - We're all headbangers at heart!


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            Re: Luke Allen, RIP

            Hello All;

            I would like to thank each and everyone for the wonderful and heartfelt comment made about my father, Luke Allan, I think Jim Murdoch said it best, he was the "Tempo King" we will all miss him very much.

            A memorial service will be held for Luke Allan on November 13th in Ontario at the Bramalea Celtic Club at Steeles and Torbram in Bramalea, ON from 2-5 all are welcom. Thanks again.


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              Re: Luke Allen, RIP

              Luke taught me a few times at some bass drumming workshops. He was such a great guy. He amazed me with his drumming and inspired me so much, I'll never forget him.
              Holy high tension snare, Batman!


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                Re: Luke Allen, RIP

                I can only add my voice to the others who have had the joy of playing with Luke and in chorus with Jim, Mike,and Jerry I would like to extend my condolences.

                In the middle of a contest it was fantastic, and till you were used to it shocking, to suddenly have him wink at you. He knew better than all of us if it was going well.

                He didn't waste those winks!

                He will be missed.