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    Hey, everyone! Just to throw my two-cents on the recent passing of a true legend:
    Luke was a true inspiration to me. When I first started playing bass, (I was originally a snare player) the only tool I had for instruction was the now legendary Live In Ireland album by the Fraser's. I was both inspired and in awe of the way he had that special touch on the 'Big Drum'. He really had that extra something that sometimes you just can't put your finger on but, well.... you could just 'feel it', y'know?
    He was a bass player who totally revolutionized the way the instrument is played and how mid sections add to the band. He really did play 'from the heart' , as he'd have said.
    It is a true honour to be carrying on in his footsteps in the Fraser's playing with Drew and a bunch of other very fine musicians. He'll be missed and we'll all be thinking of him in the Fraser's organization.
    As a side note, I spent some time with Drew, Sharon, and Sean last night and despite the heavy circumstances, they're holding up well.
    I think it's awesome that so many people have posted their thoughts on this true Pipe Band legend. He'll be missed but his legacy will live on. Cheers, Big Luke Allan!!!!