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Tenor Drum Parts?

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  • Tenor Drum Parts?

    To all my tenor drumming friends out there. As a Snare Drummer and Lead Stick, a few questions for you, your input is important.

    1. In your corps do you read parts or use traditional forte and piano, etc. patterns?
    2. If given the option do you prefer written parts or forte-piano, etc. patterns.
    3. When you attend your band rehearsal do you rehearse with the rest of the drum section, rehearse with the mid section only, or rehearse with tenors only.
    4. how many tenors in your corps.
    5. If you have multiple tenors are your tenors pitched the same or different.

    thanks, Rick
    Rick Clayburn
    Kentucky United Pipes and Drums

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    Re: Tenor Drum Parts?

    Hey Rick! Great questions. Here's what my midsection does (in order of your questions):

    1)We read parts for all the competition sets and more complex concert pieces. In the basic repertoire (3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8s), we have time and swinging patterns with some polyrhythmic things in certain places.

    2)I prefer written parts for the most important tune sets like MSRs, QMMs and the selection. For the repertoire tunes, I like to keep things simple with patterns.

    3)Practice structure tends to vary based on the needs of the band for that practice. We warm up as an entire drum corps by standard practice and if there's a need to split up the mids and snares before the full band gets together, we do that.

    4)Five tenors total -- three of which are in the Grade 3 unit and two are in the Grade 4.

    5)Different pitches using a triad setup.

    Hope this helps?



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      Re: Tenor Drum Parts?

      What a great question -- I've wondered about other bands!

      1. We have the parts all written out -- including the dynamics of the piece -- but not the flourishing portions

      2. I've never had it any other way, so I don't really have a preference -- I've only been at this for a couple of years

      3. Our practices are broken into sections. We start with the mid-section by ourselves and the snares by themselves. Then we join up together to practice for a bit, then we join the whole band. At the end of the evening, our lead tip does some rudimental teachings to enable us to do more complicated moves. He's awesome!! :woohoo:
      4. We have 3 tenors in the grade 4, and 2 or 3 in the grade 5
      5. The grade 4 has pitched drums, the grade 5 is still new so I don't know what they'll be doing. Whichever way they go, I'm sure they'll be great!

      Stuart Highland Pipe Band