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Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

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  • Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

    Quality Hand Made Drum Mallets for Pipe Bands.

    Tenor, Rhythym, and Bass.

    Checkout our website and review our line of Mallets!

    A Sound Difference

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    Re: Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

    We've been trying out some of Jamie's tenor mallet prototypes at Macalester. Nice response and tone off of our custom drums built by Steve Biggs. My friends of the flourishing persuasion tell me that they have excellent balance.

    I haven't personally tried the bass beaters yet, but if the tenor sticks are any indication, they should be great.

    Good job Jamie!


    Joe Hickey
    City of Chicago Pipe Band


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      Re: Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

      Joe, I have personally have had the pleasure of playing with the Bass Mallets and must say they are the nicest sounding Bass Mallet that I have played to date they have excellent tone and great balance Jamie has done a remarkable job with his design.

      my two cents anyway

      Mike Miller
      Bass Drummer
      Midlothian Pipe Band


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        Re: Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

        What is the length of the flourishing tenor mallets? Are they generally light or heavy?
        And the beat goes on......


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          Re: Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

          Hi Canadaian,

          My Tenor Mallets are 8 3/4" in length from end to end with a 5 1/6" diameter shaft. They are a little lighter and everyone that tries them comments on how well balanced they feel.

          My Rhythm Mallets are 9 3/8" in length with a 3/8" diameter shaft. These are heavier but not reccomended for flourishing.

          I hope this answers your questions.

          Jamieson Stewart

          A Sound Difference!


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            Re: Introducing MDM Custom Mallets

            I had the pleasure of meeting Jamieson at Winter STorm and be in the workshops with him. I tried out his tenor sticks and liked them alot. They are lighter and very well balanced.

            Didn't get the chance to hear them on our drums but we have a pair we are going to try out. The sound they produce will be the deciding factor.

            Good job Jamieson!
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