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Choosing an MSR for Solo Competition

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  • Choosing an MSR for Solo Competition

    After many years of playing in a band, I'm ready to venture out into the solo world.

    How do you typically choose the tunes for your MSR? Do you just play whatever your band is playing in competition that year, thereby virutally assuring yourself that you'll be able to find a piper who knows the tunes?

    Do you choose a set of relatively standard tunes so if you have to beg for a piper at the games, it's likely someone will know your tunes?

    Help?!? I just don't know where to start!!

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    Re: Choosing an MSR for Solo Competition

    Well, I would choose a band setting for the exact reason you stated. However, after competing in the tenor competition and watching the Gold Medal at Winter Storm, make sure you have a nice mix of beatings and flourishing. Don't bang the hell out of your drum and look like your enjoying yourself.
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      Re: Choosing an MSR for Solo Competition

      Hi Mitch....

      Care to expand on your findings at Winter Storm? Sounds like there could be some excellent info to be had from what you saw, what you heard, etc.
      Please, do tell???

      I'd rather play a tenor than a five'r any day!


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        Re: Choosing an MSR for Solo Competition

        Wow Penny..that's a loaded question. Well, it would seem the judges are looking for a good blend of flourishing and beatings. The Flourishing, according to one of our workshops, it meant to interpret the beat or visually enhance the score.

        The flourishing was quick and made to look easy (I can attest it is not) and the beatings of the better players were not loud. I personally played our band march and played our band score almost to the letter but I think next year I will not be so rigid about the beatings and try to incorporate more flourish or visual enhancement.

        I can tell you the person that won the Gold Medal, Michael O'Neill was outstanding. I watched the entire contest and in my mind there was him..and everyone else was fighting for 2nd. He was fast, smooth and fantastic to watch. It was a well earned 1st place.

        My advice to any of you reading here is to attend a workshop. Tyler is excellent as well as Scott Currie. I think in North Amercia we have more access to Tyler than to Scott. If you can manage it, buy Tyler's CD Rom/DVD set. It is worth every penny...Penny

        Hope I've been of some help.
        It's Still All About Me! I put the "cha" in Chocolate!