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Tenor Drumming Lessons Online via Skype

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  • Tenor Drumming Lessons Online via Skype

    Hi Guys.

    Come2Drum now offers Tenor Drum instruction. Lessons will be taken by Cameron Love.

    Cameron has been drumming since the age of nine, in this time he has competed and won various solo tenor
    drumming contests around New Zealand. He is currently the leader of the Canterbury Caledonian Grade 1 tenor
    section, he composes all of the mid section scores and choreographs all of the flourishing to coincide with the
    snare drum scores.

    Cameron is a very passionate and enthusiastic tenor drum instructor, and currently educates at the prestigious
    St Andrews College Pipe Band in Christchurch.

    Feel free to contact Cameron either via email; [email protected] or phone +64 22 691 0913 to
    register your interest.
    Also check out our website;