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Question about HTS 200 Premiers

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  • Question about HTS 200 Premiers

    Hi , I used to play on Premier S81's back in the day (1978). My new band has 5 x HTS 200's. So they are pretty new to me (although the 200's are old for today,,,, just like me)

    They all have old heads on and are pretty stretched out, almost end of life.
    How would I reseat a new bottom head as the tension rods barely reach the threads now ? Would I need to put the clear Ambassador on first, then put on the top Cybermax afterwards ?

    Your help will be appreciated


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    Re: Question about HTS 200 Premiers

    If they are HTS then rod length won't matter as far as putting on the heads.. Top and bottom will have it's own suspension ring that the batter ring pulls the head(s) down to.. The rods are just there to connect the top and bottom suspension rings to the shell (hope that makes sense!)..



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      Re: Question about HTS 200 Premiers

      Hi Matthew

      Thanks for your reply: maybe I can explain it differently?

      The top head has two rings so no problem with the tension rods.
      When I try and attached the bottom head and rim to the spacer bars, the bottom tension rods do not reach the "spacer rods ".

      I can only gather this is because the top head has pulled up the spacer rods so much, that the bottom tension rods barely reach the spacer rods ?

      So fitting new heads would be impossible ?
      As I am intending in replacing both top and bottom, I guess I need to attach the bottom head first , then work the top ?

      Does this make sense ? Maybe I've answered my own question ?



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        Re: Question about HTS 200 Premiers

        Ahh, I see what you are saying..

        Looking at this pic:

        Maybe the top head needs to be put on the shell loosely before tightening down, so the rods will reach the bottom..? Make sure you don't mix up the bolts (I have done that, not fun)

        Disclaimer: I am a piper! Hopefully someone much more knowledgeable will chime in..