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  • Which drum to buy

    The band is ready to replace our older drums. We currently have a blend of Premier HTS 700 and 350 drums- purchased the 350’s for our older drummers.
    Spot checked what was being used at the Greenville Games and Andante seems to,be the drum of choice today. Noted there were a few half size Andante drums as well. Am wondering if there is really much difference in weights- most weight would seem to be in the hardware, not the shell. Also- do half size drums blend well with full,size. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Which drum to buy

    I looked into this 10 yrs ago...regarding Premier Drums.

    Here is the response I received from a top rep at Premier :

    The weight of the HTS800 is approx 7.1 Kg and HTS400 6.4 Kg. In addition to this the higher centre of gravity when carrying the shorter drum makes a noticeable difference to the ‘perceived’ weight. Whenever I am asked about drum weights I also try to remind people of the related issues of good posture, good quality and correctly set up carriers, suitable practice schedule and the range of stands we manufacture to allow periods of practice without having to carry the drum.“

    Andante info may be relatively similar. You could ask them. I think other points made are noteworthy.


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      Re: Which drum to buy

      Having been in a band which had both full and half size Andante drums I can tell you the weight is pretty much the same and they do blend okay with full size drums. The main advantage we found with the half size drums are they are easier to march with for kids. Hope this helps