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Ivory keyboard destroyed

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    Re: Ivory keyboard destroyed

    Originally posted by Jim Fogelman View Post
    USFWS makes a big deal about it (remember the kids who had their pipes confiscated at the US/Canada border a few years back) but doesn't do things across the board.

    I even (unknowingly) took ivory mounted (just the bushes) pipes to the UK back in '04. I know it wasn't the same thing back then, but I moved ivory across boarders without any papers.
    Right. It's control through fear of selective enforcement. I've traveled substantially with my pipes and never had them scrutinized (beyond TSA x-ray people asking what they were). However, I know that all it would take is one customs inspector who decides to go through my stuff to end up with an irreplaceable instrument being seized.

    I just got back from an international trip, and I know of people who brought ivory-mounted instruments with no problems. Personally, I won't risk it. I'm ok with the idea that my interest in vintage pipes obligates me to keep another instrument going for international events.


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      Re: Ivory keyboard destroyed

      Originally posted by LloydB View Post
      Don't want no flippin' MIM Elephant!

      Want vintage, genuine Scottish Elephant!
      Check the canteen at Holyrood!