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The Piping Centre crowdfunding to save Piping Times, Piping Today

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  • The Piping Centre crowdfunding to save Piping Times, Piping Today


    Saw this on several sites this morning.

    "Constituting the world’s most significant source of piping history, opinion and news, both Piping Times and Piping Today ceased publication in 2020. The unprecedented financial challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic meant The National Piping Centre was forced to make the decision to stop printing the titles, which together recorded over 70 years of piping history. In seeking your support we want to make this significant resource more accessible by digitising it and making it free to access online. In addition, if we reach the target, Piping Times will live on in the form of an Annual publication, Piping Times, The Annual."

    I have donated.

    Happy Piping

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    Greetings to All,

    Now here... is something of note!!... and of merit!!

    And... as that Old Saying goes... "Time to get tore in!!"

    And not just for... our Present... but... and for the much more
    importantly... for the now younger ones... and their Future!!

    And though our present Times are hard... and any "extra"
    funds may be scarce... nonetheless... we are... and yet again...
    privileged... to be able to assist... The Music... and our Present...
    and what is to be... for those who come after... their Future!!

    Just as with the memorial statue for Bill Millin... every amount
    donated... large or small...adds to the whole... and to success...

    So... shall not we... now... "Get Tore In??"

    Regards to All,


    My friends all know,
    With what a brave carouse...


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      Good to see they are trying to keep a good thing going. I can remember checking out a few issues years and years ago. Now that I am a beginning piper, I was saddened to see publication stopped. Now I can be involved in it's continuation.


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        I hate to sound like a damp squib but I can't see it happening.
        The Piping Times is an iconic publication with a rich history but ultimately serves such a niche market it is never going to be profitable.
        Even if the industry got behind it with sponsorship and advertising revenue it would doubtless face the same issues in two or three years as it does now.
        Moving it to an on-line format may help in the relatively short term but the decline in printed media coupled to the explosion of social media sites has all but guaranteed the demise of publications like the piping times..
        Sadly I think its time to let it pass away peacefully.

        Feel free to disagree
        It's not knowing the answers that is important.....It's knowing where to find the answers......


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          I don't know, Wulls. We have a habit of thinking that we are a niche market, a happy few enthusiasts, but that fact is the piping market is immense. There are thousands of us all over the world, manufacturers produce dozens of instruments every week, and so forth. There's an audience out there, and specialist print is often a very lucrative niche for publishers. There are loads of hobby magazines, almost all of them published on a for-profit basis.

          If I was to speculate, I suspect the problem with publications in recent years has been that they are too institutional rather than catering to subscribers: one too many articles about a bit of sheetmusic found in a box in a cupboard. But I find it hard to believe that print publications which were run on a bare minimum effort basis that still had thousands of subscribers couldn't be made sustainable. And fifty years from now, when the historians come to look at our time, are they going to have anything left to examine? Piping history is going to come to a cliff-edge in March 2020. Are all those "" posts on Facebook and the like still going to be around, accessible, searchable? You only have to look at older content on pipes|drums to see the extent of linkrot, media that has vanished, unsupported formats, and the like, and that's only a couple of decades of content.

          -- Formerly known as CalumII


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            The crowdfunder isn't to relaunch it as a going monthly concern, it's to digitise all the back issues and put them online for people to access.

            They are planning an annual to be released on a yearly basis rounding up the year's events. Whether that lasts or just happens as an initial crowdfunder extra, who knows.