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  • Lack of Interest ??

    Over the past year or two, I've been struck with how little interest there seems to be these days in starting and maintaining discussions on the Forum. On sites like, Banjo Hangout, etc., the discussions are frequent and interesting, with many folks participating. With Dunsire, there seems to have been a significant falling off.

    I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the lack of pipe competitions? Reluctance to re-ignite some of the controversies of the past? It surprises me that so little is happening, as I think there is potentially so much that we still could be talking about, especially the music itself.

    I guess we'll see if anyone even chimes in here.



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    I have noticed that too and I believe it's the new platform as it seems to me posting took a dive after the rollout!
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      I almost wrote something similar earlier in the week but decided I wasn't experienced enough with this site to do so. I don't think it's the new format as much as other websites (Reddit/FB/Etc) have been sadly replacing forums in the last few years, especially when it comes to more unique subjects. I would rather come here when I am looking for something specific to pipes, but those sites offer a place for you to follow all of your hobbies and only use one login.

      And yes at 5+ years of membership and less than 30 posts I realize that I am part of the problem...


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        We discussed this a year or two ago as it was very obvious then, and no doubt a factor in the need to move to a 'cloud' forum. The internet forum culture in general is in decline, as many people discover that Facebook groups or the like meet their needs. I don't think we're any different here. What does irk me is that none of the large piping groups, apart from sales groups, seem to be well moderated or frequented by the kind of intelligent posters who regularly contributed here in the past.

        I'm not sure what the answer is. Part of it maybe is to make sure there are no barriers to signing up and posting here, whether technical or human. I have always wondered if the number of subforums we have are offputting. One (live) subforum has not had a post since 2018!
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          Originally posted by Calum View Post
          I have always wondered if the number of subforums we have are offputting. One (live) subforum has not had a post since 2018!
          This is absolutely a factor. It's overwhelming to have so many different areas that may or may not be appropriate for a given question or post. I noticed the Soda Shoppe is quite dead and it makes sense that it would be as long as we maintain a SFW/Family Friendly site then there isn't a need to divide folks up by age (Not a criticism of the site leadership just a low hanging example!). The Beer Tent does not contain adult themes or language so it could easily be used for all general "hang out" topics.

          I myself have struggled with figuring out where to post threads before and sometimes posted fully expecting it to be moved elsewhere. Again I do not blame the moderators or site leadership in any way, it's just the way of the world right now. The convenience of Reddit/FB is replacing major knowledge sources like these forums with easy and convenient access to answers when you're looking for something simple like a tune or purchasing advice.

          I wonder if we as BD members need to do a better job of promoting these forums in those other groups? I rarely see the forums mentioned elsewhere except for when someone is looking to buy used gear and even our trading post has been pretty slow. Maybe if we each made an effort to bring in new members we could spark up some new conversations, although admittedly I usually won't sign up for a forum if I see that it's been mostly dormant.


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            I’ll occasionally mention the forums on Facebook piping groups and am most often met with one of two responses:
            1) What are the Dunsire forums?
            2) That place is still active?!
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              Personally I enjoy this new skin on the site. The facebook groups are great for specialized stuff (Like the MacLellan owners group/Atherton Owners and sell groups).... However you do get the large amount of peddlers trying to sell sialkot/geoffrey crap.

              I do enjoy this forum. I take breaks sometimes, like we all do.


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                The number of people visiting here had seen a huge drop in the number of visitors long before the new forum format. The old forum had a number of overheads, and that includes man hours, that was not proportional to the dwindling amount of visitors. Facebook/Reddit does seem to be the place where most pipers go these days.
                To be absolutely honest, the decline prompted lengthy discussion among the mods about closing BDF down, but it was decided to go with the new format as an alternative. Part of the reason was to preserve our searchable archive, which has 20 years worth of posts. Another was that we see the continuation of the forum as a memorial to it's founder Bob Dunsire.
                As for the sign in process, it's there to protect the forum from trolls opening up multiple accounts, (some of you might remember a number of trolls who had up to 11 coexisting accounts they used to cause trouble), or people who simply contribute absolutely nothing to the forum, but use it to extract data, by PM or other means, so they can promote their own website/Facebook page or business.
                I've recently received spam email myself from a new self promoting member, as apparently many others have, and I've no idea how they got my email address. In 2017, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I received a message containing laughing emojis from one of our banned trolls. Again, I've no idea how my email was obtained, as most of the mods here keep them private due to personalised threats of violence and even death threats some of us have received during our duties here. In short, the sign in process is there as a protective measure and is unlikely to change.
                This forum mods are still active here, but these days there's very little offensive content to moderate, and I'll take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for that.
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                  I've also noticed a decline in posts and chalked it up to some covid related effect....not the new format, which is just fine.
                  Personally i don't mess with Reddit and don't hang out on Facebook alot.
                  Dunsire is my go to for bagpipe stuff, it has the simplicity in use that I prefer for my simple hobby.
                  I've bought tons of stuff from lots of good folk with never a glitch, and it's the only place I feel safe in posting items for sale. After awhile you get to know the regulars and our combined knowledge helps quite often.


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                    I am not a fan of the bagpipes channel on reddit


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                      Like everywhere, there are some really good posters on the r/bagpipes subreddit, but the pseudonymity of the forum makes it difficult for a newbie to keep track of. But there are enough good posters that you'll usually get a sensible reply. On Facebook, anonymity isn't a problem, but people who know their business are vastly outnumbered by people who like to share their opinion. I've given up on one group on Facebook for this reason, and there are a few more groups I can think of which IMO are struggling with weight of numbers affecting the quality of conversation.
                      -- Formerly known as CalumII


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                        Greetings to All,

                        Well... and Hmm... Living in this Old Stone Cave--as I do :-) ...
                        might as well--"Get tore in"

                        As with all Mortal Life--all things Living--there are ebbs and
                        flows--ups and downs--increase--and decrease--and this is
                        always True!!--whether in mobs like ours--or birds in the air.
                        ('Twas--ever thus. :-)

                        Perhaps--it is--and quite simply--A Confluence of the Stars--
                        and no more--and--no less.

                        And for whom ever--and where ever--any might be--it has
                        --a rough couple of COVID years--and apparently--it
                        is now going to be--yet another--rough year--or so... :-(
                        (First Delta--and now Lambda--on its way!!) :-(

                        And such--has surely--taken its toll.

                        People--are quite simply--tired--and it shows--everywhere.

                        And--I--too--was first flummoxed--and discombobulated--by
                        our/the/this/these--new formats--but-- having these new cards
                        dealt to me--and to us--I simply decided--to have my own I.T.
                        Tussle with it all--and I simply shoveled on--enough more coal
                        beneath the boiler of my old Steam-Driven-Computer--and also
                        chose--to not Jump Ship!! (Where else to go?! Ain't nothin' else
                        like this--our Forum--nor is any such--likely to emerge. :-)

                        In those immortal words of Epictetus: (The italics--are my own.)
                        "To bear, and to forbear"
                        and so--please and kindly--let us not--lose Heart. :-)

                        Prior to this decline--I had lamented the sore lack of Humor in
                        one of our sub-sections. (Aw!! Come on!! Have that third pint--
                        and tell a joke!! Our Mods are easier on us than you suppose!! :-)

                        And so--"What to do?!

                        That's easy--and our Tradition--always--Carries the Day!!
                        "Carry on."---"Carry On!!----"Carry On!!!"

                        And as that Old Sergeant so aptly put it:
                        "Just keep after it!!' :-)

                        Things here--as with all else--shall--and eventually--
                        "Come 'Round Right"--and rather than lament our numbers--
                        let us maintain-- our Qualite'.

                        Success--most usually--follows--Steadfastness. :-)
                        (Remember that Old--Double D?! :-)

                        Regards, Best Wishes, and Wishing Safety, for All,


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                        My friends all know,
                        With what a brave carouse...


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                          Originally posted by sjcavy View Post
                          I am not a fan of the bagpipes channel on reddit
                          I agree. I am active on Reddit but if I want legitimate advice from real players I prefer to come here. Reddit’s page seems to be more active but it’s less organized by design and Reddit doesn’t allow the reviving of old

                          As said above, I am thankful for the years of archived posts here and I do feel quite safe with our Trading Post compared to other options on the internet. In fact I was taken for $600 via the FB marketplace on a set of McCallums in January (the price was too good to be true and I should’ve known better). Luckily PayPal saved the day but it took over a month to get my funds back.


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                            I miss all the discussion, I am not a newbie anymore but I am still a very low level piper. I do check the forum 3-4 times a day for any post.

                            I have noticed the same decline in my clans forum to the point where there have not been any new post in several months. This started when we created a FB page, problem with FB is trying to find anything as there is no structure to the topics and the search function does not help much.

                            I hope things pick up as the fall games and competitions get going again.


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                              Originally posted by super8mm View Post
                              ...problem with FB is trying to find anything as there is no structure to the topics and the search function does not help much.
                              This is what drives me nuts about FB. It's like one big long stream of consciousness with no organization.

                              I am an admin for a private FB group for about 100 independent artist materials retail stores, given the limited membership it's not too bad keeping track, generally 2-3 new topics per week and you can easily see all posts from everyone.

                              But I'm also a member of a sports-related Facebook group with 50,000 members . . . good luck keeping track of anything in that group. It's a free for all and you'll never see everything and could completely miss a very fascinating discussion.

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