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Little Played, but Wonderful, Tunes

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    Originally posted by johnsog View Post
    "Donald Willie and His Dog".
    Cracking tune!


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      As some here may recall I've been keeping up a list of every March, Strathspey, and Reel played in the Worlds Grade One Finals 1991-2019 and with two earlier years I happen to have (1977 and 1980).

      The thing that leaps out when looking over the list is that there's twice as much variety in the March as in either the Strathspey or the Reel.

      46 different Marches

      25 different Strathspeys

      22 different Reels

      So with the Marches yes The Highland Wedding has been played a staggering 65 times!

      But there seven Marches which have appeared only once:

      The Abercairney Highlanders

      The Braes Of Castle Grant

      Millbank Cottage

      Pipe Major Willie Grey's Farewell To The Glasgow Police

      The Ross-shire Volunteers

      Sinclair Scott Of North Ronaldsay

      The Taking Of Beaumont Hamel

      and eight which have appeared only twice:

      The 74 Highlanders' Farewell To Edinburgh

      Allan Dodd's Farewell To Scotland

      Captain MacLean Of Pennycross' Welcome To The 93rd

      The Clan MacColl

      The Cowal Gathering

      Donald MacLellan Of Rothesay

      Leaving Lunga

      The Pap Of Glencoe

      The facts show that these tunes are little-played, at least in Grade One competition.

      How wonderful they are is a matter of individual taste.
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