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Celtic Colours 2021 online - Kenneth MacKenzie piping

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  • Celtic Colours 2021 online - Kenneth MacKenzie piping

    The Cape Breton Celtic Colours 2021 music festival just wrapped up last night. It was online again this year as a result of the pandemic; which wasn't a bad thing for those of us who usually can't travel there in person in October. The following link is to the Friday Night concert called "Close to The Floor", which was dedicated to Cape Breton Step dancing. Kenneth MacKenzie performed on pipes and fiddle throughout the evening. His piping was brilliant as always (and his fiddling) but his performance with Abigail MacDonald accompanying on piano really stood out. The Cape Breton style of piano accompaniment is always good and interesting but her playing during Kenneth's MSR was excellent and really added to the performance. Kenneth's piping starts at about 1:51:00 just after the intermission, but you might enjoy the whole concert if you like that kind of thing.

    If you search for Celtic Colours 2021 on YouTube, you will find links to all the other concerts (a matinee and an evening concert each day over the past week)

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    Wonderful stuff, thanks Kevin.
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      I think I heard them say it would be available through the end of the month. Get it while it's here!


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        I suggest not missing the John Maclean set (nephew of Alex Currie, I think). It's about 45 minutes in:

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          Agreed, that performance is also not to be missed. Recordings of John Maclean playing solo are few and far between in my experience. I saw him playing at a Piper's Ceilidh on Christmas Island NS years ago; it was excellent. I think Barry Shears played the same night. I think John Maclean also has a few tracks on the 2nd Grand Concert of Piping CD and maybe some of the earlier Celtic Colours Collection CDs