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How many practice chanters do you own?

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  • How many practice chanters do you own?

    So be honest .... if you can, without your significant other looking over your shoulder. How many practice chanters do you own? Me ... I *think* it's about 8 or so ... I'd have to check.

    There's only nine notes ... how hard can it be?

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    I have two. One standard size McCallum Poly with an imitation sole, and a Long McCallum with a Blackwood bottom that I won at a competition. I don't find that I need many more, there are times where 2 feels like too many. I feel bad not rotating them.


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      Perhaps 10 now. I've given some away to students. But that also factors in ones I've inherited from former members. I've generally only needed one...or two, with a backup; and never intended on having so many. My "one" is a standard 1920s/30s P. Henderson. Love it!


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        I have 4 - long basic poly McCallum, long Strathmore (the one I use most), old Henderson and an old Lawrie.


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          Eight. 12345678.
          Chris Knife


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            I've lost track, same for GHB and smallpipes. It seems I have bagpipe accumulation syndrome.
            I must do a serious cull....
            But to answer the OP question, 3 do regular duty.
            A gorgeous Cowal PC rests in my pipe case so I never forget to bring it to band.
            A Walsh blackwood is always in plain view in my room for my own practice, and I use it for teaching too. The water trap in it makes it my go to for longer sessions.
            I have a full poly one of unknown make....its my combat PC, will take it to the cottage, camping whatever....and not worry about it...


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              Just three
              1) plain poly McCallum long (this is the one I always use)
              2) poly McCallum long with CNC engraved ferrule and sole
              3) vintage blackwood with orange Catalin sole, don't remember the maker
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                I am still really early into my Bagpiping game, but I have 3. But I carry one with me almost everywhere, and I keep one in my pipe case, and I feel like more is better because....the more places you have them lying around, the more apt you will be to theory.
                Don't ask my neighbors about my piping skills. They don't know...


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                  5, I think
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                    1 in pipe case (long john Walsh poly), 1 on desk upstairs (long john Walsh abw, the one I mostly use), I used to have one on my desk at work (maccallum with blue ferrule/sole) - it is in a box somewhere since I no longer go in to work


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                      10.: 2 ABW Lawrie, 1 ABW R. G. Hardie (1960), 1 ABW Grainger & Campbell, 1 ABW Soutar, 1 ABW of indeterminate make, but definitely not Pakistani, 1 ABW long Nail, 2 long poly Gord Tuck, 1 long poly Trutone. Mostly I play the Lawries, the Hardie and the Soutar. I use the long Nail often at band practices because it is loud enough for me to be heard over the others.


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                        Greetings to All,

                        Well... (cough--splutter--embarrassed silence :-) ... certainly
                        more--than I can play--at one time!! :-)

                        Partially... due to having gotten some--for some students--
                        that then--"Fell Off the Wagon"--and I re-acquired those
                        back from them--but--and also--a couple o' three that I
                        just--liked the way they looked--and sounded!! :-)

                        And so--I guess I'm now up to--about six... but of which--
                        only three--are in the category of--"keepers."

                        One--Old--Lawrie Standby--that is always in my pipe case.
                        (And I've had that one---forever!!)

                        One--Modern--of some dark-striped Brazilian wood--made
                        with no sole--but beautiful to behold--and with an equally
                        beautiful sound--and with absolutely no--maker's mark!!--
                        though it sits with--Pride of Place--on my practice desk--
                        for these now some dozen-ish years.
                        (Always--some Mysteries--in The Piping Game!! :-)

                        And finally--one grand old Sinclair.

                        Of the others--one Delrin--from that fine House--Dunbar
                        Limited--that came as a set of practice pipes (always good
                        to sometimes having a bag under the arm--when working
                        on some tricksome tune :-) --and the other two--ABW--
                        but with no maker's mark.) (Yet more of those Mysteries. :-)


                        And--and also--but without--I hope--opening up yet another
                        can (Nay!! A barrel full!!) of piper's proclivities--I also seem
                        to have acquired--with the marked assistance of that Old
                        Rascal Time--a (fairly large) number--of pipe chanters!!

                        And--I wonder how many of us--are also--in this same Ol'
                        Leaky Boat--that is forever having--less room in it!!

                        But--and perhaps--that's best left--to another Thread. :-)

                        Regards to All,


                        My friends all know,
                        With what a brave carouse...


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                          Are we counting only non-powered ones?

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                            Five. My first Grainger and Campbell from the late 80s, a cheap "child size" one someone gave me that became the model for an excellent chanter in C, and three or more that I've made, plus some bits and pieces.
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                              Five I think. Favourite is an old standard size Grainger, and until it broke a cheap wooden import one. Newer ones don't seem to sound as nice