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The Bob Dunsire Forums needs your financial help for 2022...

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    I am not sure that we need sponsors but we could get suppliers to work for the forum as they surely benefit from the exposure they get on the forum.
    In France we are often asked to round up a bill at the cash deck with the extra going to help associations. the software to do that would probably not be accepted by the suppliers but it would be easy for a supplier to add to his product line an "option " to contribute a small fixed amount to help fund BDF . The amount collected to be transferred to BDF at year end . It is little work and just needs having confidence that the funds collected would not be siphoned off.


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      Glad to be able to help out - this has been a tremendous resource, and we need it to survive well past this meta-face mess.


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        Done. I was going to leave that one word note, but needed at least 10 letters.