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Make-A-Wish: Young Boy Plays with Pipe Band

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  • Make-A-Wish: Young Boy Plays with Pipe Band

    Pretty neat story:

    Andrew T. Lenz, Jr. BDF Moderator - Reference for Bagpipers

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    What a blessing of a story to read!! To have that desire at such a young age is awe-inspiring; good for him!! May he heal well and thoroughly so he can play actual pipes and/or drums with his family for years to come.


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      Greetings to All,

      In the midst of out turbulent... and troubled world...
      just... every now and then... I am presented with...
      a shining example... that raises... and revivifies...
      ... My Faith In Human Nature... :-)

      And how better... than with The Music!!

      Wishing for him... and for all... Great Success!!...
      in their initial learning... and in their then refining...
      and raising... their standards... and position...
      in The Music.

      Regards to All,


      My friends all know,
      With what a brave carouse...


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        Thanks for that story, Andrew. In one of my prior careers in Clinical Pathology, I knew a lot of young patients with cancer (often, leukemia), wanting some wish fulfilled. This story, hoping that he has long term survival, is more upbeat than so many I knew. Back then, when it became clear that some condition was terminal, the common trip was to Disneyland or Disney World. Make-a-Wish came along later, and has been such a blessing. Thanks again for a happy one!