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To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

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  • To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

    Me and my gf are about to leave on a 5 day cruise to the bahamas this sunday... guys in the band asked if i'm bringing my pipes or not. First answer was no... hadn't even thought about it. I'm bringing my kilt and get-up for formal nite. What do you guys think-- anyone ever bring theirs?
    I'm thinking travelling with them might be more hassle then it's worth.


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    Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

    I took my pipes on a windjammer cruise off the Maine coast several years ago. The boat was a 120-year-old wooden schooner, so the quarters were a lot tighter than on a cruise ship. The other people seemed to like it, especially the captain, but I was careful not to overdo it because the audience was a little too captive! On a cruise ship you would have a lot more room, and pipes sure do sound great over the water.



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      Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

      I took my pipes twice on a sailing charter in the British Virgin Islands and on two other sailing adventures. I piped at anchor at sundown finishing with Amazing Grace. People loved it and they still remember it. But as mentioned above be brief. Play any longer only if asked.

      On a cruse ship I'm sure there would be a place to pipe at sundown. It might be fun on one evening to pipe the captain into dinner. There must be someone you could check this out with, events coordinator or entertainment director. If they have a kids area volunteer to do a show and tell for the kids.

      You might be such a great hit that they invite you back for free or sharply discounted price. You may be opening up a new market for bagpipers.

      Cheers! PHIL
      Phil Lenihan - Piper,
      San Jose Police Emerald Society Pipe Band

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        Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

        Yaa Maan!

        aand when you git to da islands, Maan, you can pipe with da steel drums doncha know!!

        Bon Voyage!
        Piping IS Life


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          Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

          I think Shotts has some music for that?!
          Piping IS Life


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            Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

            I just returned from my honeymoon cruise to central america. I didn't take my pipes but I think you could take them.

            One of the only downsides is you have one more thing to worry about (they have a small safe in the staterooms - but not large enough to secure your pipes), so don't take them if they are very valuable. If you have to fly to the port then you must also consider that part.

            If you did take them you could play on the decks (any time really), participate in a talent show (they always have these in one form or another), or play at already scheduled events (they would probably work you in somehow). I wouldn't take mine next time but only because it will be a vacation away from piping also.
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              Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

              Well, Sunday is a bit of short notice, but I suggest you get on the phone now (or tomorrow) and call the cruise line and find out. Believe it or not, not everybody likes bagpipes the way we do. (And never make the assumption that if nobody says anything, then it's okay). I know that when I'm on a cruise I don't want to hear someone else on deck with an electric guitar, or listen to anyone else's choice of music, or whatever, even if it's in the background. It may be just fine, but if it isn't that's a long way to go for the hassle. A phone call to the cruise line should answer your question. Bon Voyage, Mon!



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                Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

                My opinion is ... take them...

                The social/activities director of the cruise always has a talent night...

                that's one place...

                at sundown or sunset off the bow is another time...

                I agree with be brief.... and non-repetitive...varied program...
                popular tunes, melodic tunes.... don't expect to wow anybody with a dense 2/4 or competition stuff.


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                  Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

                  Howdy, "Cdshakes"

                  A couple of years ago, about 12 or so of our band members took a cruise together. We went fully loaded, i.e.: full kit, pipes and drums.

                  The cruise line graciously allowed us to pipe through the main dining room two different nights at dinner, and we played as the "openers" for an evening production one night in the theatre.

                  Also played in one of the bars -- after dinner on formal night, and then disembarked in one of the ports (Nassau, I believe) and hoofed it to a couple of pubs and played there as well.

                  Had a GREAT time!

                  I've also played (solo) on board ---&gt;&gt;&gt; "Anchors Aweigh" as we set sail from home port, and "Amazing Grace" in the middle of the Mediterranean on 9/11 a couple of years ago. You should be able to find some good spots on upper and/or forward decks.

                  I find that shuttle pipes are a good alternative when you don't want to really rock the peace, tranquility, and ambience of the time and the place

                  So . . . go for it, my friend, but make sure to get permission, as others have cautioned.

                  ENJOY your cruise, and let us know how it turns out ~

                  Hyperpiper 1
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                    Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

                    Richard has summed it up perfectly. Always leave them wanting more.


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                      Re: To pipe or not to pipe (on a cruise ship)

                      I know this will be the minority view, but it's strikes me as being over-the-top to be piping for any length of time on a cruise ship. Too much of the "peacock" thing here.

                      But, if you're really moved to do so:

                      1. Ask permission first;
                      2. Keep it very short; and
                      3. Make sure that you are comfortable with the idea of tuning
                      quickly and effectively.

                      And for goodness sake don't wear the kilt. That would, at least in my view, come across as way too contrived and precious.