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Bagpipe Mini Camp in San Francisco

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  • Bagpipe Mini Camp in San Francisco

    I hope this finds everyone well and working toward the year's end.
    A Celtic Traveler Bagpipes will be conducting a "Bagpipe Minicamp with Ian Whitelaw" January 19th through 22nd in South San Francisco, California.
    It will feature all the types of music including piobaireachd, MSR playing as well as hornpipes and jigs with a focus on competition and performing - there will be a simulated competition workshop intended to create a sense of comfort and confidence, regardless of the stakes or the venue. Solo performances are such a vital part of being musicians. Enrollment will be limited so act fast.
    Feel free to contact Ian @ [email protected] or call 310-634-9726.

    Information can be found on the web site:

    Happy Holidays!