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    Having never attended the Metro Cup before...can anyone please provide some insight to the schedule? I don't see anything on the website or the Facebook page.Thank you!
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    Re: Metro Cup

    I found this info along with an application form to compete, that's all I see in a quick glance.

    Event Dates: February 14-15, 2020
    Event Address: Newark International Holiday Inn 160A Frontage Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

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      Re: Metro Cup

      Hi Greg -
      I go every year.
      The info should be up soon - they aren't the best at promoting the event online, but they do post a schedule and link to buy tickets on facebook. Last year they posted the order of play, and tune selections of the competitors. You can always buy a ticket at the event.

      Usually on Saturday in the morning there is a piping competition for Grade 1 players. After lunch, at about noon, the open level Piobaireachd begins. After a break at around 5 (usually just enough time to grab a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant), the medley competition begins. The medley draws a bit of a crowd; the piobaireachd not as much (overall attendance has been growing, but there are always available seats). Lately they've added a World's drumming qualifier, probably on Friday evening.

      There are also some vendors, raffles, and whiskey tasting in the next room
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        Re: Metro Cup

        Having gone once, this is what I recommend from my experience.

        Book a room in the hotel for the night before AND the night after. Get there early enough, park your car, and don't move it until you have to leave for good. The parking there is atrocious.

        The hotel restaurant has pretty decent food and a gift shop where you can get some decent breakfast. Eat there.

        Not many people go to hear the Grade 1 players, but you will hear some top notch pipers playing at that. Since many of them are young, they will likely be nervous. BUT still great piping.

        Not many people listen to the open piobaireachd, either. Which is a shame. Take some snacks and drinks in with you to the room where they play and try to eat/drink between competitors if you need to.

        Take some $$$ because there will be some good auctions that you can bid on and things to buy. Don't be afraid to talk to the open pipers. I saw Willie McCallum and wimped out at talking to him because he is just such a giant in my mind. But, he graciously chatted with so many people. Same with Alex Gandy when I was there.

        The light music usually ends late. I had to leave early (at 9 pm) when I went, but I wish I had been able to stay. If you can, make sure you stay in the hotel that night again, because almost everyone goes over to the restaurant after the competition and has drinks and just a great time. How often can you buy a drink for the winning piper or another competitor whose piping you admire?

        Also, when you get back...don't be afraid to share your experience here for those of us who can't make it this year. It's always fun to read the insights and thoughts of those who were there. Enjoy!