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2021 New Hampshire Highland Games - Loon Mountain

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  • 2021 New Hampshire Highland Games - Loon Mountain

    Hi All -

    Does anyone know if there will be piping competitions at Loon this year? The website is vague (at best) as to what is happening this year, other than "the event will be different from past years". I've heard rumors that the piping competitions may not be a part of the games this year, but wanted to see if anyone else has heard this. I'd like to find out sooner rather than later, so i can make travel and lodging plans.


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    The EUSPBA website lists it on their calendar. It also indicates the sanctioning is "in progress" and the judges "TBA"

    It also has the contact person listed. The calendar is on the front page of:

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      I reached out directly to Lois Meredith (the contact listed for the NH Scots games) and her response was:

      "There will not be a piping and drumming, pipe band competition this year at the NH Highland Games & Festival. Due to the construction at Loon Mountain and the need to cap our attendance for this year, we have had to cancel the competition."

      So I guess that's a wash for this year.