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Northern Meeting 2022

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  • Northern Meeting 2022

    I was listening again (3rd time) to Nick Hudson's Gold-winning performance of Lament for the Laird of Annapool. It's not often that I experience that level of emotional reaction to a piobaireachd. I am spellbound by it. It must be the combination of excellent expression, the mournful aspect of the tune, his technique, and the way his pipes were going. Big impact on me, and I'm already looking forward to listening to it later tonight.

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    Where can you hear it?


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      Originally posted by Søren E. Larsen View Post
      Where can you hear it?
      I watched the livestream, and then later the recorded versions, here:

      I believe I paid £15 for the access ticket, and they appear to still be available for watching the recordings. Not much money for so much top-flight piping on both days (although sadly, the Clasp competition wasn't made available).


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        I met Nick when he came out to California as a student for a week-long bagpiping school, this was probably 20 years ago and he was still a teenager at that point. I remember being amazed at his skills sightreading music. You could grab a music book, pick a tune at random, throw it in front of him, and he could play it at full tempo in its entirety. He was also down to earth and had a good sense of humor.

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