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Re-boring poly blowstick for Cushing "Bor Mor" valve

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  • Re-boring poly blowstick for Cushing "Bor Mor" valve

    I have a set of Dunbar pipes that came with a poly blowstick with O-rings and a Little Mac valve. I recently found in my box of old supplies a Bor Mor valve (made long ago by Cushing Bagpipes), and I want to use that instead of the Little Mac because it's less restrictive. (I could just get a Moose valve, but then I wouldn't be able to use a tube trap.)

    * What kind of taper do I need in order to re-ream the blowstick to hold the Bor Mor?

    * What kind of adhesive would you recommend, if I want to be able to remove it later?

    * Does anyone in the USA do this kind of re-reaming professionally?

    * Is the Bor Mor even made anymore if I need a replacement or a new flapper?
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    While I haven't done it myself, my understanding is that not much reaming has to be done for the Bor Mor valve.

    I don't recommend gluing it, but if you insist, I'd go either rubber cement or white glue. Rubber cement—as long as it doesn't get too old, like 10+ years—should allow you to twist and remove the valve then rub off the residue in the hole. White glue will stick well to the wood though you might have to roughen up the plastic of the valve. White glue stays water-soluble forever, so be bit careful about leaving your pipes wet if you use white glue . . . but even then, I suspect that valve would still stay I place.

    I think most bagpipe shops would be wiling to ream for you. It's an easy process. It'd be far cheaper to buy a reamer than to pack up and ship your pipes back and forth. Or you could always head to a highland games and cross your fingers one of the vendors will have a reamer. Or you can talk a pipe band. It's not uncommon for a pipe major to keep a reamer around for emergencies.

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