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Is there any fix for the dreaded corner edge-dinged chanter reed?

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  • Is there any fix for the dreaded corner edge-dinged chanter reed?

    Besides “buy a new reed”?! I realize reeds are still relatively cheap, but really good consistent reeds are more rare, and if you’re on your own, or your band’s reed guru is “waiting on the next batch to arrive”, it’s crunch time..

    I ask because it is a bane to all pipers, and I’ve dinged more than my fair share.. After a corner edge injury, it sounds like all power/brightness/“strength” is gone. I realize I could guillotine the blade edges if the ding was tiny, but inevitable sharpening of pitch and strengthening of blow-pressure are added results.

    Anyone got some reed black magic tricks they can share? Also, if you have reed adjustment links, post them here as well. Thanks folks!

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    In a word...nope. a damaged reed damaged....if it's missing a corner ..even if only one's impossible for that blade to ever produce the maker's bench design intended pitch....the width is different...not as wide as intended. The high A will never match an undamaged same reed..
    ...reality check is,though, if a very sliver of a chip it might still be suitable 'enough' and playable for a wee while either solo or buried among the other pipers.


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      Take a sharp blade and cut the chipped part off; it's the ragged edge that causes most of the issues. Obviously take as little as possible. In theory the corners contribute nothing to the functioning of a reed; of course in practice they do, but often a small chip is unproblematic.
      -- Formerly known as CalumII