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'Tumes of Glory' movie accuracy

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    Fascinating footage. Where did this take place? Bremerhaven? I see some of the battalions had received a new kilt issue or some officers had retained theirs for special occasions.


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      Re marching tempos: As a former pipe band member of British and Canadian regimental pipe bands, these were the most commonly used marching tempos;
      Pipes and drums display tempo was usually about 92 bpm while the tempo used for marching troops was about 100 + bpm. An exception would be tempos for light infantry troops such as The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) where tempo would be approximately 120 to 140 bpm for ceremonial parades. If you watch any of the homecoming parade videos of Scottish units as they march through their traditional recruiting areas, you'll note that the marching tempos are quite brisk. These tempos are laid down by local councils to ensure that slow moving parades don't cause traffic delays.


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        Hitting the link--I was again subsumed--into this
        lovely--and grand--film.

        Many thanks.
        My friends all know,
        With what a brave carouse...