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Documenting history of old pipes

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  • Documenting history of old pipes

    Greetings, Forumites.

    My wife has “inherited” a set of silver/ivory Hendersons (1933 based on the hallmarks). They were played by one John Murray, Jr., (born Scotland c. 1910, emigrated to U.S. in 1926). He played the pipes from 1934 to 1961.

    In the 1930s he played with the Lovat Pipe Band of NYC.

    At the outbreak of WW2 he enlisted in the 48th Highlanders and stationed in Toronto. We have been in contact with the 48th and they are searching for photos.

    At the end of his piping career (1961) he played with a Santa Monica (CA) pipe band.

    Does anybody have any info on the Lovat NYC or Santa Monica pipe bands, contact sources, photos, etc?

    Thanks to all!

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    Here's a 1957 photo of the "MacKenzie Highlanders" bagpipe band, Santa Monica, for sale on Ebay. Perhaps your pipes are in this photo!

    MacKenzie Highlanders Pipe Band Harold Grant Santa Monica CA Photo 8" x 10"1957 | eBay

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      Many thanks, pancelticpiper! I'll get in touch with his son and see if we have a match.