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Nov. 11th Piping Activity

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  • Nov. 11th Piping Activity

    As an aspiring piper, I decided to start an annual tradition for myself on this day (eleventh hour, eleventh day) of WWI conflict's end, November 11th. Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day, what have you. I decided that I would play 'Flowers of the Forest' at a war memorial.

    My initial plan of playing at a local memorial, with no other attendants I suspect, with my goose and the help of sheet music on a stand got changed when a buddy asked me to help him split wood up at his cabin. So, at the apppointed hour, after two minutes of silence, I played the tune at the edge of a cottage country lakeshore, the wind blowing over my music stand just as I hit the last note. I'm glad I did it. Next year, the full GHB rig with tune memorized - I hope.

    What do you do on this special day?
    “Where’s my beer?”

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    I played for a non- military funeral yesterday, but I will be playing two Remembrance Day events this weekend for the British Officers' Club of New England and last Saturday I played for a video for a virtual Veterans' Day celebration at Boston Children's Hospital.
    Slainte Leibh/ Slan Leat, Bob Cameron


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      As I am now no longer in a regular pipe band--it has
      become my custom--to travel to a relatively small--
      and out of the way--and very old military cemetery--
      and to play there--for what is now--the old American
      Armistice Day--and for those other U.S. national--and
      international--U.K. and Canadian--Days of Remembrance.

      The earliest stones there--date from the early 1850s--
      and as there are now--so very few--visitors--and of
      any variety--family--veterans--et cetera--et al--it seems
      to me--to be--appropriate...

      "Lest we forget. Lest we forget."
      My friends all know,
      With what a brave carouse...