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European Musician Needed

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  • European Musician Needed

    Please contact as listed below.

    " We, the international Celtic-Rockband "Celtica - Pipes rock!", are looking for an Europe-based, talented bagpiper, who is interested and able to perform in a rock-band. We can offer in 2020 about 20 gigs with adequate payment all over Europe mainly from end of June till mid September (yes, I know that there are the competitions…;-). If you are interested please contact us asap (best by [email protected]) as we are recording the new album Celtic Spirits right now; Maybe you have a look at our website celticarocks.com and here is our latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc34h37cF7M
    Looking forward to rrrock with you some nice festivals with Celtic Spirits!"