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LF: Metalica?

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  • LF: Metalica?

    So ive had a bride ask me to play metallica...

    usually ACDC or Ozzy would suffice but theyve insisted on it...

    can anyone point me in the right direction here?

    anyone ever heard of it on pipes?


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    Re: LF: Metalica?

    You may be in luck. Metalica cover Whiskey in the Jar, which is a trad tune and fits on the GHB chanter. It is in G so you will have to decide how it sounds against A drones but at least it fits. I think there is one C-nat that you would have to cross finger.

    Good luck with it,


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      Re: LF: Metalica?

      Nothing Else Matters might work.


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        Re: LF: Metalica?

        I would love to see a video of your performance! I got the opportunity to pipe my daughter down the aisle for her postlude it was a lot of fun.


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          Re: LF: Metalica?

          Trapped under Ice would be impressive :P
          Who Dares Bins


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            Re: LF: Metalica?

            Second tune here


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              Re: LF: Metalica?

              Yep, Enter Sandman works, probs one of their biggest if not the biggest hit they had.

              The Unforgiven works to, but is a bit slower, and also, which I think is a riff, Blackened sort of works. Now that is metal!


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                Re: LF: Metalica?

                Would love to hear blackened on pipes!



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                  Re: LF: Metalica?

                  My experience is that most rock/metal melodies just don't sound great on pipes - especially so if you're playing solo without any sort of backing accompaniment like rhythm guitar or drums.

                  If this was a client of I'd try to steer them away from it, but then again I once played Sweet Child o Mine at a wedding so what do I know...
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