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  • Tunes for Down the Aisle

    Don't really do weddings much(he who pays the piper and all that!). However, on the odd occasion when a friend asks me, I do.

    So! I have one coming up soon and I'm in need of suggestions for a tune for the bride to walk down the aisle too. I want to play something a bit different to my usual Hector the Hero/Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores. Ideally I'm after a proper pipe tune. Or, something that properly fits the scale and isn't a butchered pop song.


    Cheers in advance, Mac

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    For a stately slow march, Skye Boat song is good and currently recognizable to the non piping public because of the popularity of the Outlander tv show. Marie's Wedding is good if you need a bit quicker pace down the aisle. Suo Gan always makes for a nice tune up the aisle.
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      Thanks Twitchy, Suo Gan? Never heard of it, I'm off for a wee search of YouTube!


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        Good suggestions from TwitchyFingers. In addition, some marches lend themselves to being played more slowly (as in "stately"). Green Hills of Tyrol is an example. And that's just one of many, though retreats are often that type that allow a slower march.


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          Highland Cathedral might be worth a look. Was always quite well received at the weddings I played at.


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            I often play for funerals, and if forced against my better judgement, the odd wedding.
            If the hirer asks me what should be played, I offer guidelines of normally used tunes.
            Then direct them to YouTube to have a listen to what they like, and let me know.
            Highland Cathedral is offered up for both occasions, and is almost always chosen.
            Mairi's Wedding is a standard...if asked I'll say its for her, then I'll use Scotland the Brave and say it's chosen for him.
            Skye Boat is a new favourite for the reasons noted above.
            I rarely argue with the person hiring me unless they clearly don't know what they want.
            I was just asked to play at a police officers retirement send off, and Amazing Grace was requested........
            I suggested alternatives to the most commonly played police funeral tune....which were readily accepted.
            Caveat, I'm in Canada, specifically Quebec....where no particular tunes are deemed mandatory....
            I can play Highland Wedding, but have never used it at a wedding...


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              I think I would recommend “Will Ye Go Lassie Go” (Wild Mountain Thyme), as played in this video - before it breaks into “Wha Saw the 42nd”.

              Will You Go Lassie Go (Medley) Performed by the Pipes & Drums Of The 1st Battalion Black Watch.The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) was a Scottish line ...



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                The Rowan Tree and Down by the Hills are nice tunes for a wedding


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                  Unst bridal march?
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                    Originally posted by EquusRacer View Post
                    Good suggestions from TwitchyFingers. In addition, some marches lend themselves to being played more slowly (as in "stately"). Green Hills of Tyrol is an example. And that's just one of many, though retreats are often that type that allow a slower march.
                    That's a great idea, never occurred to me to do that!


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                      Originally posted by Patrick McLaurin View Post
                      Unst bridal march?
                      Ah ha! This is a great shout, Unst was where they got engaged! I don't know it, so off to check it out!

                      Cheers everyone!


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                        The Rose of Kelvingrove is one I learned for the first wedding I played almost 40 years ago and still play. Highland Cathedral is often requested, and Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms. Cailėn mo run-sa and The Fair Maid of Barra also work very well.
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                          Thanks Klondike! Some lovely tunes there! I love the Fair Maid of Barra, but I played that when at my brother-in-laws funeral and it's kinda stuck with that scenario now

                          Highland Cathedral is the biggest reason I don't play weddings, I detest it.

                          I'm going to go with Da Unst Bridal March, bit of a tie in there with them getting engaged there. Will do the usual Highland wedding on the way out of the cathedral, and the 6/8 The Glendaruel Highlanders into the reception meal as it was an old rugby song the groom and I used to sing (Oh Campbelton loch I wish you were whisky....)

                          Really appreciate the suggestions.

                          Cheers, Lindsay


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                            She Moved Through The Fair?


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                              The Rose of Kelvingrove is a great one! I also second the Skye Boatsong and would add Mingulay Boatsong and The Steamboat played a bit slower than normal, for tunes leading in, and something a bit more upbeat for the recessional, like Mairi's Wedding

                              Good luck with your choices,