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Time line in CelticPipes

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  • Time line in CelticPipes

    I've just had CelticPipes and I love this software.
    But when entering the tune 'The Earl of Mansfield", I have some problems with the time lines: it doesn't work (playing the first time line two time and then the second one).

    Can someone using CelticPipes help me?


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    Re: Time line in CelticPipes

    Just contact ChorusLogic for help. i.e. submit a software support issue using the Support link on the CelticPipes Help menu.

    If it is a software problem it will get fixed, otherwise they will sort you out!


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      Re: Time line in CelticPipes

      I have used BWW for years, and just switched to CelticPipes.

      In a similar situation, I used the staff formatting pallet. Use the repeat bars at the beginning and end of the line you want to repeat. This alone should play the tune repeating the first line, then moving onto the second staff. Then, if what you want to do (and I'm not familiar with this tune) is go back and play the first line again, use DC from the same pallet, at the end of the second line, use Fine at the end of the first line, again, taking it from the staff formatting pallet. This is the procedure I used for a tune that repeated the first part, played the second part once, then returned to the first part, and it worked for me.
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        Re: Time line in CelticPipes

        I just bought the CelticPipes program myself and the last response makes great sense to me.

        There are a few things I wish they would add to the program or maybe I just have not figured it out yet. Such as, I would like to highlight a note and the click a different value and have it change rather than go through the select, delete, reselect, and re-add process.
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          Re: Time line in CelticPipes


          Changing the value of a note in CelticPipes is pretty easy i.e. select it an press either the x2 or 2 button on the 'Basic' toolbar and its value will change immediately.

          This works with one or more highlighted notes.


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            Re: Time line in CelticPipes

            Thank you. I had not considered the "x2" buttons. I will use them as I continue to re-write my files.
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              Re: Time line in CelticPipes

              Thanks a lot for your reply. It helps me a lot (I was trying to do the repeat line on two bars as in the Scots Guards, but it didn't work).

              Once again thanks!

              Do you know if we can add some long text (I'd like to add the history of the piobaireachd) just after the title?


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                Re: Time line in CelticPipes

                It depends on how much text you want to add.

                You can add a subtitle at a different font size (optionally) from the main title by typing in a second line in the main title field. The right and left sub-titles also accept a second line (using the same font size).

                You can also add text to bars/measures and to notes (use CRs to adjust hight of text above note).

                Hope this helps a bit