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Building face muscle strength

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    If the affected area can be gotten flat, you might try hot melt seam sealing tape - it's a fabric backed glue that you iron on. As the name suggests, normally for camping or hiking gear, but it can sometimes fix small leaks. I'd aim for a replacement in the medium term, though.
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      You need to get some binder clips, hang heavy objects from them, clip them onto your lips, bend over (or lie down on a table), and practice pulling up the weights with your lips.

      Worked for me, anyway.


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        Update on the leak in my Bannatyne Hybrid bag
        i tried the glue to fix the the leak but it did not work so I ordered a Canmore bag from their online shop in Scotland.
        good news it arrived very quickly by Fedex
        bad news Fedex claimed 45 euros for duty and admin costs . Thank you Brexit I am finished ordering from the U.K.
        My second bad news was how to get the stocks out of the bannatyne . I ended up cutting le grommets if anybody knows of a better way I would be interested . Then I had great difficulty getting the stocks into the new bag . What a disaster no bag now!!! After a heure of desperation I finally realized I had to put a whole lot of dish washing liquid into the grommets to get the stocks to slide . When I did that it was easy .


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          Don't overlook other mechanics as well, as I often see that with players who just can't keep the pipes going for long.

          Are your pipes airtight (you're not wasting air). Check everything for tightness and leaks (bag/stocks/reeds/joints/chanter/blowpipe).

          Are your reeds balanced? Drone reeds are balanced with each other for air consumption, and not taking too much air in relation to the chanter.

          Is your chanter reed too hard? It's not a sin to play an easy reed, as long as it balances tone-wise with your drones.

          How is your bag position? Is the bag right up under your arm? Blowpipe centered in your mouth and not off to one side?

          Seems like a lot, but sometimes simple pipe maintenance and mechanics can make a world of difference in how you play, and for how long.


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            Might this be the Time--to again drag out--that now--Old Standby--(at least
            for some of us)--The Reed Wrangler?? (Just a thought... :-)
            My friends all know,
            With what a brave carouse...