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Looking for recommendation for metronome ear buds…

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  • Looking for recommendation for metronome ear buds…

    I find the metronome function of the Blair chanter to be by far the most valuable aspect of it, and it has improved my playing immensely. I’ve learned that I need to hear a metronome and that watching one tick does not work for me.

    The only problem with this is when I go to play on my GHB, I sometimes play faster than I should which makes me sloppier than I am on the Blair. This is not a problem when I’m with my pipe band, as I can stay with them pretty easily, but when I play on my own at the pond, I can feel myself getting faster and I have trouble keeping that under control. I’m thinking a solution to this would be metronome earbuds, which I can use anytime I’m outdoors and will be small enough to not be noticed by people walking by. I’ve seen some of these online and am wondering if anyone here has any experience with them. Any particular brands to recommend?

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    I can't speak about devices, but one little tip is that when people work with a metronome, they often pick their target speed and stick to it. Instead, try varying it regularly, from say 30% under to 10% over, in ~5bpm steps - this helps you learn what different tempos feel like so it becomes easier to be aware of fluctuations when you're not using a metronome.
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      My phone will transmit metronome beats to bluetooth earbuds. I'm using an iPhone with AirPods and the Peterson Pulse app, but I imagine it will work on most any device combination.
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        I picked up an "In Ear Metronome" by Korg a couple of years ago for around $20, but don't really recommend it for our purposes. It would be better if it was loud enough to hear well when playing the big pipes. It's okay for smallpipes and border pipes.
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