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Competing in multiple organizations

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  • Competing in multiple organizations

    Considering most piping/drumming competitions have gone virtual, opportunities have opened up for competitors to compete in events sponsored by different organizations. I'm curious to see if anyone competes in different organizations.

    I've seen some sanctioned EUSPBA events ask of a competitor to list their member number or the number of a different association. Is their a sort of mutual recognition of ranking between different associations?

    I'm somewhat new to understanding how ranking works across the board.


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    Re: Competiting in multiple organizations

    My understanding is that in North America, any ANAPBA association will recognise the level and placement of another member association.
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      Re: Competiting in multiple organizations

      I have the same understanding about the North American organisations as Jim who posted above.

      The Competition League of Amateur Solo Pipers (CLASP) which is based at the National Piping Centre in Scotland will accept your grading from a North American association, if you don't have one, they can grade you for CLASP membership. CLASP accepts members from all over the world.

      While the CLASP accept your North American grading I don't know if it works the other way.

      The pipe bands and organisations who organise solo competitions that are not pipe band associations take entries from everyone who meets their entry criteria.