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Which association to join from Ohio?

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  • Which association to join from Ohio?

    I live in the Cincinnati area and I’m trying to determine whether to join the EUSPBA or MWPBA. Both have competitions within 4 hrs of me, although eastern has more. If I compete in events sanctioned by the one I’m not a member of, will those results count towards my ability to go up in grade in the association I do join? Thanks.
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    In my experience, typically, most associations don't mind you moving up so much. They are more concerned about you winning lots of medals and not moving up . . . that's when they get complaints from your competitors. That said, when I stepped out of pipe band association administration, there was a growing trend across associations toward tighter controls on the grading of solo competitors . . . EUSPBA was at the tighter end of the spectrum.

    Associations respect the memberships of other associations. That is, if you are a EUSPBA member, MWPBA should acknowledge that and allow you to compete in their competitions without having to register with two associations. And vice versa. And the rules are mostly aligned, but not completely, so the tune requirements can vary from association to association.

    As for sanctioned results from one association "counting" in another . . . they wouldn't count toward any season aggregate awards. And unless those "alien" results are submitted to your home association, they aren't going to be aware of them . . . unless something has changed, BC Pipers wouldn't send a "inter-association" solo result to WUSPBA, for instance. If you compete and win elsewhere and want that to be taken into account if your home association isn't keen on you moving up, I'd recommend sending those results to the appropriate grading committee.

    Now, my information is about 8-10 years old and things change, so if someone else is aware of anything different, that would be good to hear.

    (Former WUSPBA Executive Secretary and ANAPBA meeting attendee.)
    Andrew T. Lenz, Jr. BDF Moderator - Reference for Bagpipers


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      Moving up in EUSPBA is a pita, if you live no where near EUSPBA competitions but are somehow “in” EUSPBA territory, which was my case. Personally, I’d pick which ever one was easiest to find yourself in the right grade without having to jump through hoops. For me, that was unaffiliated WUSPBA. I was winning grade 2 light music, but I guess not playing piob and not many to none EUSPBA competitions and I was stuck in grade 3, officially.
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