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Baby's first 6/8

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  • Baby's first 6/8

    Hey folks

    I'm new at this solo competition thing, having completed my second games in Grade 5 EUSPBA last weekend with about 18 mo of piping under my belt. One of the upcoming competitions lists "6/8 march" as one of the events in my grade, which I haven't seen before (the rules list a Piob ground only and a 2-part march in simple time and really nothing more). Any suggestions for an accessible tune for someone at my skill level?

    Happy Piping (and drumming....)

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    Atholl Highlanders, The Piobaireachd of Donald Dubh (it is a 6/8 march), Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow, Bonny Dundee.
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      Kenmure's Up and Awa' is a good one too! Pretty simple and very musical. Good luck at your upcoming comp.


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        I reckon it’s for 2 parted tunes but when you need a 4 parter, you cannae beat The Sweet Maid of Mull for an easy going, accessible 6/8!
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          We play the Piob of Donald Dhu and it has a very weird cadence and structure. I would not recommend that one- too easy to sound really bad and lose the beat.

          Check out Cock o' the North. Other suggestions are great.
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            Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Another from my teacher was Bengullion - the band plays it and I'll have to learn it eventually, and I really like it to boot. But the plot thickens....

            Since it seemed a bit odd given the Association's rules for solo grade 5, I reached out to the contest organizer. Turns out it was an error in the online sign-up page and there actually isn't a 6/8 contest for my grade after all. So it goes. But I've gotten to look at some potential new tunes, and I'm grateful to you all for introducing me to them.



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              Rabs wedding is one of my first and still one of my favorite 6/8 tunes.