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Siutable MSR for GR3 or Gr4?

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  • Siutable MSR for GR3 or Gr4?

    Any thoughts on a MSR selection that meets the above standards?

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    Re: Suitable MSR for GR3 or Gr4?

    read the rules of your association...

    do they really have a strathspey and reel class in grade IV?

    If so are they 4 parted tunes... or can they be just 4 parts of the genres.

    Listen to a couple of competitions... and you'll find out what's being played.

    Do you have an instructor to guide you? or any competition piper in the grade you're talking about?

    what level of playing have you attained?

    then maybe we can give you some recommendations that would be appropriate.


    Richard Mao, The Peking Piper


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      Re: Siutable MSR for GR3 or Gr4?

      Ask your instructor for advice; if he's privy of competitions in the area he'll know both the judge's preferences and how to teach you to play a proper strathspey and it's subtle idioms.
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