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  • Aggregate Scoring System

    How exactly is the aggregate winner of a solo piping competition determined? Must an individual also compete in all events to qualify?
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    Re: Aggregate Scoring System

    You are in WUSPBA territory. Each games is free to set their own rules regarding an aggregate winner on the day. Though, typically, it does require a piper to compete in all events offered for that grade. A competitor can't just pick 2 out of 4 events, for instance, and hope to still qualify.

    Oh, and often the piobaireachd event is the tiebreaker, if offered. When I won aggregate at the Mt. Tamalpais contest one year, it did come down to my better piobaireachd finish.

    Calculations are typically based on points. 1st=1, 2nd=2, etc. The piper with the lowest total at the end of the day wins the aggregate, hence the need to compete in all events. It really is an "all around" award.

    Contact the games in question if you need clarification on their requirements.

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