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Scottish Highland Games

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  • Scottish Highland Games

    It seems many years ago when I last competed on a wooden platform in a grass field in Scotland

    I was once highly criticised by an adjudicator for running with the hares when my name was also on the JCJ List so I called John Angus Smith and requested that he took my name off it

    I know Judges in other Contests that can take part in competitions when they are not on duty, which is why I fell foul for not checking and keeping to the rules

    I digress

    Next week I am looking forward to visiting the Killin Highland Games on the 7th where the piping judge will be deciding the winners in solo events and writing Feedback Sheets for all the players

    I note with interest the paragraph under the heading Piobaireachd

    I had thought about heading to Mallaig and Morar where in circa 1982 I picked up my first ever prize in Scotland by getting 3rd in the piobaireachd with 'Beloved Scotland'

    I remember having to walk up to and cling to a fence afterwards because I had given that tune everything I had, and I was exhausted

    Assynt on the 9th

    I remember being there almost by accident when on summer holidays 79/80 and I entered the light music for the hell of it. I was only a wannabe soloist at the time, but the pipes never moved and children on swings right in front of the platform did not put me off and I ended up winning

    When I took the cups back the next time to vie again, Alasdair Gillies was also there, so that was the end of that chapter

    Interesting what Assynt say about the piobaireachd

    Ballater on the 8th

    North Berwick on the 10th

    and Perth on the 11th

    Piping Live on Monday

    We will probably be in Glasgow rather than the moors on the 12th where low flyers will suffer an honest death rather than being carted off somewhere horrific for the deed to be done

    I look forward to witnessing how soloists perform out in the Scottish elements

    A true test of determination to see the job done despite numerous distractions

    No cosy insect free hall where hush surrounds the piper, rather than starters gun, and never an occasional errant being between player and judge

    On that slippery outside board amongst heat or mizzle, still or bluster, the solo piper receives no truer test against failure to deliver

    There is no pity from the judges, and nor should there be

    They also went through it

    See you there
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    Re: Scottish Highland Games

    Going to try and be at Morar this Sunday Roger. You staying the night before, or the night after? Be good to see you there. Although I was 2SG when you were 1 (you cant help that of course) We havent really met. Be good to meet up


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      Re: Scottish Highland Games

      If I can get a pink ticket and a new car tomorrow; the temptation to head North to Morar will be strong. The last time I was there John D was judging and John Wilson won everything with that powerful chanter he used to play.

      I was actually stationed in Mallaig with the Guards for training at the then new Outdoor Adventure Centre in 1977

      I was Duty Piper and confined to camp after a wild night out with Alan MacDonald

      Worth it


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        Re: Scottish Highland Games

        Originally posted by Neil Clark View Post
        Going to try and be at Morar this Sunday Roger. You staying the night before, or the night after? Be good to see you there. Although I was 2SG when you were 1 (you cant help that of course) We havent really met. Be good to meet up
        Neil - Killin will be my first Games as it will be Tue before I can drive North Roger


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          Re: Scottish Highland Games

          Ach, never mind... Tain? Better take yer cape for Killlin, last year was shocking, and the forecast ain't good this year either...


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            Re: Scottish Highland Games

            Well; it is famous for its water falls



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              Re: Scottish Highland Games

              Met u at last Roger... After 31 years... Plus, I was sober this time. Flat F but sober. You should have played, places for the grabbing. Hopefully we'll meet again before another 30 years pass. Sure we will.


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                Re: Scottish Highland Games

                The draw had been made Neil so I dismantled my pipes, took the soaking wet reeds out and left them all to dry in my car, while I listened to both the Junior and Senior contests. What were the results anyway ?


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                  Re: Scottish Highland Games

                  As far as I remember...

                  1. Donald Macleod
                  2 me
                  3 Cameron Bell
                  4. Alastair Fraser

                  1 Donald Macleod
                  2 Alastair Frasre
                  3. me
                  4 either Cammy Bell or Cairsten MacDonald


                  1 Al Fraser?
                  4 me


                  Al Fraser
                  Donald Macleod
                  Cameron Bell

                  Might be wrong... Think about 8 or 9 played. Nairn this Sat, hope everyone else is at the worlds!