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Piobaireachd Society concert on line

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  • Piobaireachd Society concert on line

    The online Piobaireachd Society concert just concluded, and it was a great show. The performances were are all superb, played on fantastic bagpipes. I don't know if it will be available for download after today, but if it is and you missed it please do yourself a favor and listen to it. The brochure was also very interesting and an excellent guide. Rab Wallace as master of ceremony did just the right amount of talking, enhancing the listeners' experience.

    The PS has been doing a lot for its membership and for piobaireachd in general. The "Talk Piobaireachd" monthly sessions are not to be missed. The resources on the web site are incredible. Such access to fundamental materials and sources was unimaginable fifty years ago when I was introduced to piobaireachd. I don't know how they can manage to do all this and keep the dues as low as they are.

    In the past I was critical of the Piobaireachd Society for being a closed shop and not reaching out to the wider player community. Whether or not I was correct in that opinion is debatable, but what is not debatable is how much the Piobaireachd Society is doing now to promote the music and make sources readily available to anyone.
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    Re: Piobaireachd Society concert on line

    I didn't hear the concert, but I'll certainly give you a big thumbs-up for the rest of your message John. In recent years the PS has become the go-to site for serious players and teachers, and that trend continues.

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      I am very fortunate to have a Piobaireachd Instructor who holds weekly small group (there's 3 students total) for the past 3 years or so. He's been to numerous Piob workshops for many many years and Andrew Wright can probably be considered his main 'Instructor'. My Instructor teaches for free and he came to US asking if we wanted lessons. He's not the greatest instructor that ever lived but he really has opened my eyes and my quest for knowledge about Piobaireachd! He once said early on that he had joined the Piob. Society once but didn't get much out of it.

      On a whim, I joined the Piob Society about a month ago and it took me a couple of weeks to really delve into the site and now I am totally and utterly addicted. Either my instructor joined when the Piob Society was fresh online or (and more likely) he is not familiar with computers and how to open different areas and explore. I am having a blast on the Piob Society site and am learning so much. Am very sorry that I missed the recent "Talk Piob" meeting but will try and listen in on it in the future. Unfortunately, that means getting up at something like 2am my time : ) I can't wait to hear the concerts but the videod concert from 2018 was mesmerizing!

      I highly recommend anyone who is interested in Piobaireachd to join the Society! It's inexpensive and it's a GREAT resource of knowledge!

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