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Lord Reay's Lament - from Glen's manuscript - I can't figure out the structure

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  • Lord Reay's Lament - from Glen's manuscript - I can't figure out the structure

    Hi folks. Hope you are all well? I am looking for some advice on the Piobaireachd Lord Reay's Lament. Not the tune that is attributed to Iain Dall, but this one (link to

    It has some really nice qualities but I cannot get my head around the structure. Glen presents it as three lines of six bars, but when I look at the positioning of introductory cadences then it looks like the structure is 6,7,5. Has anyone learned this tune and if so - what do you think?

    Cheers, will

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    I think you're right - notice the // marks after the first bar on the third line, and the second line doesn't finish with double bars. The bar after that (2nd of line 3) is the same as the first bar, and the remaining five bars make a sensible line. The 2nd Var also makes sense this way. Potentially a nice tune, just from a quick look - good find!
    -- Formerly known as CalumII


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      Thanks Calum. Looking at the structure though it seems not quite right in the third line. The third line starts with a one bar motif that occurs in the fourth bar of the first and second lines. If you move this one bar motif to the fourth bar - the tune evens out and has some really nice internal structure. I have modified the Urlar and this is what it would look like (Dropbox link):

      I wonder if this was the original intention?



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        I see what you mean, but then to me the problem becomes that you have unequal phrase lengths after each occurrence of that bar. And to me the tune is quite carefully written - it seems surprising to me that Glen would write down what he did in every variation and not make any sort of note of correction if that's the kind of change he intended to make.
        -- Formerly known as CalumII


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          Good point Calum. Will leave as is . Hope all is well, Will