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Band Practices and Vaccinations

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  • Band Practices and Vaccinations

    This is not an opinion piece. I'm curious if your band is back to in-person practices. If so, does your band have a policy requiring vaccination against Covid? Or is that issue not addressed (i.e., Is it ignored)? By the way, our band is back to outdoor practices on instruments, and everyone is vaccinated. However, that's not due to any policy; it's due to the fact that everyone has chosen to be a policy never had to be discussed.

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    We’ve had a few in person practices. We don’t have a policy in place about vaccinations, but everyone who has been showing up is fully vaxxed. We do have a few band members who are not vaxxed due to not being able to get one yet, but they haven’t been to practice.
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      Greetings to All,

      Though I am not now in--a regular pipe band--there are some five or six
      of us who do--converge--to practice together--and all--are fully vaccinated. :-)

      I had often thought--and still do think--that those involved in--The Music--
      were most usually--just--"A Cut Above." :-)

      And--and if I may--as we are all--still and quite obviously--both collectively
      and--individually--continuing to find ourselves--exactly in the middle of this
      Public Health minefield--it is incumbent upon us all--to do what ever may lie
      within our power--to help bring to an end--this dreadful--and deadly--viral

      Stay Vigilant!! Stay Safe!! Be Well!! :-)

      Regards to All,


      My friends all know,
      With what a brave carouse...