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  • Indoor Practice "room"

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    The band I play in is looking for a place to practice indoors. Previously we practised in a small school gym (quite a while ago - it's now a dog kennel), a reasonably sized armoury "dance" floor (roughly 24' x 24' x 10' high), and a small (18' x 22' x 9' high) banquet room - dimensions are from satilite image estimates and memories

    We're looking to move into our sponsoring organization's municipality. It would seen to me that ceiling a higher ceiling height should help in sound blend. We're looking at a high ceiling Community Centre (32' x 48' x 16' + high), a smaller Community Centre (in a bungalow type building -- 28' x 28' x 8' high).

    We've investigated a few church's, but unfortunately most don't heat their big spaces over the week.

    I can estimate the needed floor area, but I'm wondering what ceiling height the forum would suggested? and what would be the minimum recommended.

    I've done some looking around (duck duck go searches) and there are a number of suggestions for individual setups, but haven't seen the type of info desired.


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    I don't necessarily have any height suggestions, for my primary comment is that we are glad for whatever we can get...and we make it work. In our area, parks and recreations have taken over the schools where we used to have ample room for practicing, marching, etc. And with that conquest, they have levied fees well beyond what we can pay. We're fortunate to have a church, though we have no real room to march. But we make it work for chanters and pads, as well as on instruments, though standing in a circle. When summer comes, we have the parking lot. As I said, we're delighted to have what we do...and our cost is to put on a performance one or two times a year for the church. We'll take it!


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      What really matters is not so much the size or shape but the reverberation. If you walk around a room and clap, you'll feel the sound of the clap come back at you. Try it in a few different spaces and see how it changes. An ideal pipe band practice space has a pretty dry, dead reverb. It doesn't affect the pipes quite as much but a reverberant space - and churches often are - plays havoc with drums.

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        We practice in a church and it works well for us. The acoustics are much better than they would be in most gyms and, as mentioned above, it is free. We do offer musical support for a service once a year. Being a smaller group, we can practice marching if we open the sanctuary doors and head down the aisle and out into the narthex. The social hall is aligned so that we can go through into that space as well. Not all churches are set up agreeably for marching, though. They do have minimal heat in the winter but playing does help one warm up. In the summer we practice at a local park, which most patrons seem to enjoy. Good luck finding a space!!