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USAF Pipe band marching at JFK funeral

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  • USAF Pipe band marching at JFK funeral

    The march that they did during "Mist Covered Mountains". Is that considered a slow march or is there another name for it? Where the foot hovers in front before placing the foot down.

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    Yes, that "hesitation" step is the slow march. It's not difficult to do but I would find someone trained in it to show you, as it's easy to get it not quite right by yourself.
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      They played it as a 4/4 at the funeral, feels a bit different but way easier to march to.


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        brewingjt100... as Calum notes above... it is an easy
        step and cadence to learn... but... always the easiest...
        to have someone proficient in it... to help the learning
        of it along... :-)

        One of the mobs with whom I have played... decided
        to learn it for a specific ceremony... but... and initially...
        without that guiding hand... we floundered about like
        Fred Karnow,s Army!!... and all a-swill with Guinness!!

        And... it was so bad... that we all wound up laughing
        at ourselves!! :-) (And it was a damned good band!!)

        Next Time... we had the help of that Guiding Hand...
        and an hour later... we were doing a Cracker Jack
        job of it. :-)

        Wishing you... All the Best... with the learning of it,


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