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    Welcome to our forums.

    Please read the Forum Rules before posting - I think the rules are fairly basic, and intuative.. but..

    At this time registration is fast and simple.. it will take you about 30 seconds in total.. we can, if needed make registration a little more complicated - I am hoping we will not need to do this.. but..

    Each of these forums will be moderated - not censored. I am currently in discussion with a number of potential (and excellent) moderators - this group of moderators will add to the forums I am certain.

    The moderators will basically be in charge of their forums - they may participate as anyone can, (if they choose,) they can open or close topics, they can even delete posts (if needed), and they can even block individuals from posting - if needed. We are hoping this will not be needed.

    Our goal is a safe, informative, interesting and enjoyable discussion area.