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Digital breakdown of "Scotland the Brave"

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  • Digital breakdown of "Scotland the Brave"

    I've been working on reverse-engineering the the exact length of the gracenotes and such in our embellishments for sometime and think I've cracked the code! In my video here, I take a look at "Scotland the Brave" where I play both a fully digital programmed version along with a MIDI version I captured via my Redpipes classic and compare and contrast them. I think it's pretty cool!

    Another way at looking at our music and seeing exactly how long and short we should be playing our gracenotes...
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    Re: Digital breakdown of "Scotland the Brave"

    Very cool, I enjoyed it- the concept of, "sounding notes," is very useful!


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      Re: Digital breakdown of "Scotland the Brave"

      Part of me wants to see this done to a recording of kaba gaida. We play "a few" ornaments.

      Still, this is interesting and vindicates my approach to Highland embellishments.


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        Re: Digital breakdown of "Scotland the Brave"

        I would highly recommend y’all check this out.

        I sure wouldn’t mind getting a collection of different players to run through something like this on a click track to see where various embellishments land.
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