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  • Ganaan PC

    Anybody tried one?

    There's only nine notes ... how hard can it be?

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    Re: Ganaan PC

    Greetings to All,

    Apparently... we shall never run short... on new kit & gear.

    As I have never heard of this one.. or much less... seen...
    heard... or played one... I am... pretty much... in the dark...

    But I did go to their web site... and it would seem to be... well
    made... and to exacting standards...

    Aluminium?... Hmm... Never heard or seen one... and I would
    guess that... that's... okay... but out in the sun on a hot day...
    perhaps gloves... might be in order.

    It is approximately... $300 Canadian... and $225 USD... Hmmm...

    Now I don't intend this to be a negative review... and it's most
    probably a damned fine practice chanter... and plays wonderfully

    Those that are drawn to it... may well obtain one... and I wish
    them the joy of it...

    And... please... do let us know... how it all goes...

    Regards to All,


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      Re: Ganaan PC

      ..long life.....hmm,..many of my abw chanters are beyond 50 years ,some nearer to 75 and one at 100,...and the single poly Id guess will outlive ME.

      They make beeg joke,no?


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        Re: Ganaan PC

        "Bag Pipes" under products does not fill me with confidence...
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          Re: Ganaan PC

          There is a page about the company here:

          I understand the enthusiasm for establishing a strong brand, but I think when you start up you have to do the legwork to establish that brand and who you are first of all.

          -- Formerly known as CalumII


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            Re: Ganaan PC

            Originally posted by CalumII View Post
            There is a page about the company here:


            I understand the enthusiasm for establishing a strong brand, but I think when you start up you have to do the legwork to establish that brand and who you are first of all.
            ....and dont ask for $300 right out of the gate....


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              Re: Ganaan PC

              Yes considering I just got a vintage Lawrie PC on Ebay for $30 I don't think I'm going to spend $300 on that PC or any other PC.
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                Re: Ganaan PC

                $300 to me seems like it should be a gift at a charity or top prize for winning an event, not something you really want to buy or use yourself.

                I have to get on my soapbox and ask why at this juncture (apologies ahead of time):

                I have yet to hear a PC that is in true scale. I have heard and owned one or two that sounded pretty rich and good.. not in proper scale. For example, I have a three different quality makes of practice chanters sitting in a bin with 6 different makes of reeds. Playing against a Braw, or Peterson Strobo, tuners it's almost hopeless. Playing against music software are clashes every two or three notes. I sound like such a bitter grinch but I'll never understand why PCs aren't capable of being in true scale or why people own them. I use a PC top on a smallpipes chanter and it is bang on with tape on F and D. This is how every practice chanter should be built.
                Happy Piping


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                  Re: Ganaan PC

                  Hi Everyone,

                  Let me first say that this chanter is new to the market and was released in April 2020. It was under development for 6 months to achieve the look and sound that it achieves and produces.

                  The first run was a limited production of 20 chanters, to date 15 have been sold around the world to individuals and resellers in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, France and New Zealand.

                  All the players have been thrilled with the workmanship and sound of the chanter. With the addition of the Frazer Warnock reed the sound quality as only gotten better. Those who have opted for the engraved soles by Truehand Engraving are thrilled with the option they chose.

                  We have 20 more chanters in production now and will be ready by the end of October.

                  Our chanters can be found here:

                  Wanting to hear the sound the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter can produce:

                  Let me answer some of your questions:

                  Aluminum - yes, T6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. The chanter will get no hotter than the air temperature in which it is played. Your breath would actually warm the aluminum as well. No need to worry unless you are playing in 40 degrees C or greater temperature outside. Should you be careful playing in hot weather outdoors, picking the chanter up will tell you what to do next in this case. Please be careful if you think it is hot. The addition of a rubber mouth piece like many players use on their blowpipes will help to protect you also. This brings in the total weight of the chanter to just under 400 grams, something the player soon forgets about with the enjoyment of playing.

                  Long Life - absolutely, the material will allow it to not be broken should it ever be dropped or sat on or any other way that have caused damage to chanters of other materials such as ABW or poly which can snap easily in many different circumstances.

                  Price - with quality in workmanship, material selection, finish, packaging, warranty and customer care comes a price to match. A comparable ABW practice chanter will come with the same price and workmanship. We have provided options in soles that are also aluminum and polished, most would think they are silver soles. Truehand Engraving is well know for producing to notch offers and we did not skimp on the selection. Finally the chanter also comes in a nice velvet and silk lined drawstring bag to store your investment in when you are not playing it.

                  We would love to hear more from everyone and look forward to answering any questions you might have.

                  Garth Newlands
                  GANAAN Highland Manufacturing


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                    Re: Ganaan PC

                    Originally posted by Scot Kortegaard View Post
                    Hi Scott,

                    You can have a quick listen to the chanter here:

                    Garth Newlands
                    GANAAN Highland Manufacturing


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                      Re: Ganaan PC

                      First time poster, long time reader. Allow me to share my experiences with the Ganaan PC. Not associated with or compensated by Ganaan in any way, but happy to share.

                      tl:dr: Its worth it, stay with me.

                      Like most new pipers, many years ago, I purchased one of those brand name poly chanters from a local shop. It was an unremarkable practice chanter. It was fine, the finger hole diameters were too small, it was boring; it had no soul. A few years later, I decided to get serious and buy a vintage, wooden RG Lawrie practice chanter. That was an epic chanter, counter sunk holes, original wooden top; it had soul. By soul, I mean that extra something that you just can't describe, but it makes you want to practice more, a lot more. It works with you, not against you. Like most wooden top chanters, you've got to be careful, brush and oil often, or you might end up with a cracked top. Yes, most new wooden chanters have poly tops, but we still have to be careful. Like many pipers I'm a "wet blower". When I did have a poly chanter, I was emptying it all the time: blowing out the pieces, brushing it; I spent half my practice time keeping it dry. The Lawrie chanter was much better, it absorbed more moisture, but that can also be worrisome. I could tell in 10 years that top was going to give and I couldn't bear to see it slowly crack.

                      Looking around this year for a new practice chanter to replace my Lawrie, there were a handful of well known chanters on the top of my list: there are some fantastic poly practice chanters (PCs) and wood PCs out there for sure; there are some all metal chanters. The few all metal chanters I could find were all in the $200-300 USD range. Comparing them to the high end range of poly chanters or wooden chanters, they were also all in the $200-300 range, I could have flipped a coin and been equally satisfied. Yes that is a lot of money, especially for newer companies. But being new doesn't mean unreliable. [Rant: The first iphone was a game changer: yes it was also a lot of money, but we bought one anyways because of the value it brought. I'm not sure I agree that companies should have to sell products below cost either, effectively giving away their product, and making it impossible to raise prices later.] Economics aside, there are some metal chanters that have swappable key stems for playing my chanter at the pub with other musicians. Having been in a few pubs with local Irish musicians, in my experience, Irish musicians, through no fault of their own, frequently don't know Scottish bagpipe tunes, and if they do, its some completely unrecognizable version and the gracenotes/ornaments aren't similar enough. More importantly, if I do go to a pub to play some Scottish tunes at a lower volume, I'm bringing my Scottish smallpipes, no question. In general, having swappable keys feels gimmicky. It just doesn't fit most use cases. For me, I wanted a practice chanter that does one thing really well; be a solid practice chanter at home and at band. I wanted one that is nearly indestructible, manages moisture well, while having that something extra that makes me want to practice all time. Let's be honest, we spend more time alone on the practice chanter, why shouldn't it cost a bit more, but still be a fraction of a set of highland pipes.

                      Looking past the website typos and sticker shock (in the humble opinion of a mediocre piper who has a lot to learn) the Ganaan practice chanter has all of that soul, with none of the weaknesses of wooden and poly chanters. It has that something extra that makes you want to practice all the time. The finger holes are great, the Warnock reed is great, and the moisture trap is a game changer. Did I mention it has a moisture trap? Goodbye moisture problems and cracked tops. I mostly forget to empty out the moisture trap; it just keeps on working. This is a chanter that you can sweat all over for a week at summer bagpipe camp with no AC (been there), take it for a practice session in the shower, and its good as new. I would be remiss to gloss over negatives, nothing is perfect. Like many poly chanters with rubber o-rings, you do have to moisten the rings a bit to get the pieces to merge. If you aren't careful, you can push the tops together in a way that the o-rings jump out of their little groove. Generally, you can back them apart, and the o-ring will slide back to its home. Similar problem on poly chanters with o-rings. Like any chanter, you do have to fiddle with the reed height to get the tuning just right, but anyone with a bagpipe tuning app can figure out the correct height the reed needs to be to tune. I did try some different plastic reeds, and they all seemed to work well, but I ended up switching back to the Frazer Warnock reed.

                      Congrats, you're still reading. If you want a pub chanter with swappable keys, save up and get smallpipes. If you want a solid practice chanter that will easily outlive you and probably your children's children (seriously its built like a light tank), take a gamble on the Ganaan practice chanter. I can't recommend it more highly. If I need someone to proof read my ranty forum posts like this, then no, I should probably look elsewhere.
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                        Hi everyone,

                        I know everyone has been waiting to hear what the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanters sound like. We have just added two new video clips letting you hear the sound of our chanters. Both videos show Alastair Lee playing the grey/pewter chanter and our new red chanter. Both chanters are being played with the Fraser Warnock Red practice chanter reed and there is no tape applied to any of the holes.

                        Grey/Pewter -
                        Red -

                        Enjoy the videos.

                        GANAAN Highland Manufacturing.


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                          I have had one of these chanters since June... and it’s a great add. Fit/finish is excellent and the moisture trap solved the #1 challenge with my McCallum ABW “long” PC... it constantly water logged after 20 minutes. It’s metal... needs to warm up at the start, but countersunk holes give a nice hand feel. Breaks down into 3 pieces and travels with me... so far indestructible. For my ear, I like the tone and it blows freely. I had looked at other higher end ABW chanters...but decided to give GANAAN an opportunity in the end. I don’t regret my purchase in any way - cost/expense is a personal matter... let’s be fair when providing opinions - especially without any “exposure” to the product.

                          From my point of you we should be championing new vendors/developers supporting our hobby... the market is small and ROI must be a challenge - but I’m thankful for his investment. Golden rule should apply.