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"Bannockburn" GHB Maker?

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  • "Bannockburn" GHB Maker?

    I was gifted a mystery GHB set to sell for Rotary. Is anyone familiar with a GHB pipemaker who engraved "Bannockburn" on their chanters circa 1960-70's? The set sounds as good as my first set of Grainger Campbells. The chanter can be tamed to sing up to contemporary pitch with an APPs reed. So far, several major collectors have shrugged their shoulders. I doubt that they are Pakistani origin or a gift shop knock-off, since the single owner/piper was serious piper. He served in the diplomatic service most of his life in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He is sadly too ill to communicate as or this writing. Thank You! Dean

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    Pictures would help with I.D