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Atherton Premier Bagpipes

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    The basic rundown that I could find was:

    MD: A variation of a MacDougall bagpipe. I THINK he started with the MD specs, and then tweaked them for the aspects that he wanted. Ironed out the kinks so to speak.

    Premier: Still tried to keep the BLEND of the MacDougall drones, but with a more punchy bass drone. My personal notes: lovely set. Light on the shoulder, and you can really feel the drones hum. A dream to play. Easy to find the sweet tuning spot in relation to the chanter. Each set of drone reeds I have tried brings something new out of the drones. Fun to experiment. Dark but sweet tone (very subjective, I know). Really fun to play.

    Legacy: A more robust drone sound, a product of his own measurements/development. HUGE sound. Very punchy bass with very resonant tenors. My personal notes: big tone, almost too big to play in the house. Tone of the drones is great, and different than the Premiers. Great harmonics in relation to all three chanters that I have. IMO each chanter brings something different out of the drones, and it is really fun to play. ***Side note, I believe Patrick McLaurin tested some drone reeds in a legacy set and took notes on it, if you want to check out his page.***

    Again, I have not spoken to Dave much. Above are my thoughts from all I could scrounge on the interwebs before I made the plunge into buying two sets.