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Canning drone reeds question...adjusting bridles

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  • Canning drone reeds question...adjusting bridles

    First of all,these reeds are awesome! The harmonics are just great. I have not had these for long but after "break in" if you will, is it necessary to move the bridles up a tad as to not take in so much air? After 2 tunes,I am winded ....well, having a long layoff from playing after having Covid didn't help much either. I just need my pipes to be air efficient without the chanter reed cutting off due to my possible side effects from this virus...Cheers!

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    If you never move a bridle on a drone reed, it will always be in the wrong position, doesn’t matter who made them.
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      Appreciate the feedback Patrick


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        Sure.....scuff the bridle lightly with index finger at the compass points ..then in-between to barely inchworm them to shorten the tongue. Make both tenors look the same. Mouth blow to test that they each shut off under ~ the same over blow pressure puff. You might need to do this a few times to get them just right for you under actual playing and chanter reed strength. Btw..if they are the Canning’s with the tannish brown body..I found they tend to swell a bit..causing the bridle to become too tight...shutting off the reed. Then needing to backoff the bridle a scuff or three..or wait until the body dries a bit to un-swell.